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2017 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

VCRA RALLY CLOCKS…Just received a small shipment from supplier of “Sawtooth” VCRA legal rally clocks. New price is $149.00 including shipping to anywhere in the USA. Won’t last long..may be last we get for a while!! To order simply e-mail  or call 918-801-2406 to order.


 LOOKING FOR A SPEEDO? We here at VCRA try to locate and purchase all the used speedos we can to pass on to those that are entering the sport..however, it seems with the surge of Rookie teams each year, the demand has exceeded the supply. We will continue to try to find the used ones, and, in the meantime, our good friend Bill Croker has been successful in his program of finding, and making available, used Timewise speedos. If in need, also try Bill for a speedo at .  He is the guy that initiated the “Rookie Mentor” program, so you can believe what he tells you!!

 Looking for a Rally Car???… Go and check out the classified section on our website to find your next Rally Car. Click here for classifieds

VCRA Sponsors

2017 All Stars for Autism

April 26th - 30th , 2017

Joplin, Missouri

2017 Branson Collector Car Auction

April 21st - 22nd , 2017

Branson, Missouri

2017 Great Race

June 24th - July 2nd , 2017

Jacksonville, FL to Traverse City, MI

2017 Sugar Valley Rally

June 2nd - 4th  , 2017

Scottsbluff, NE

Sanctioned By VCRA

VCRA ANNOUNCES RULES CHANGES FOR 2017… so please review the updated “Rules & Regulations” on this web site. The changes (in red italics)  were made after consulting with several VCRA participants , the VCRA “rules committee”,  as well as conversations with Greatrace officials. We believe these changes will identify, and answer, many of the concerns of racers as the evolution of the sport continues. The bulk of the changes are in the “modifications allowed” section, and are relative to the adjustments to “Age Factor” in an effort to keep the “spirit of the age factor” intact, and improve the “safety factor” for the competitors.

Listed here is a bullet point review of some of the major changes:

#VCRA class designations

#Competitors insurance requirements

#Disc brake conversions allowed on any vehicle

#Radial or biased ply tires acceptable on any year model

#Age Factor adjustments for “equipment modifications” (see rules section IV)

These rules are effective as of January, 2017.  Note that rules state that “any modifications must be declared at mandatory vehicle inspection” for any VCRA event. Age Factor adjustments, if any, will be made at that time.

Revised Rules and Regulations

2016 “RACE FOR AUTISM” CHARITY RECIPIENTS NAMED…the following organizations have been selected to receive donations from the VCRA charity annual funding program.  As photos of the presentations arrive, they will be posted on the web site.

F.A.C.T.  Virginia Beach,. VA Beach, VA                                          $7,465.00

FACT is a 501C3 non-profit organization that VCRA  has had a long time relationship with. This year’s donation will totally fund the new “Out & About” program for teens and young adults. This program allows 1 on 1 staffing for those kids on outings in the general public who do not fully understand signs of danger, have limited communication skills and may be prone to wander. I can attest that Justyce, our grandson, has benefitted greatly from similar projects that has increased his ability to function in the public forum. FACT focuses on children of veterans.

SHERWOOD CENTER   Kansas City, MO                                                $12,000.00

A 501C3 organization that has finally found new accommodations that will allow them to accept up to 25 -30 new students. VCRA will totally fund a new sensory classroom complete with equipment including sensory items, bubble panels, 10 I-Pads w/ earphones and study centers. The room will be named in honor of VCRA and called the Justyce Room.

SUNSHINE SCHOOL   Searcy, AR                                                            $10,140.00

This 501C3 non profit school continues to offer specialized education services to pre-school, K-12 and adult development. There is no cost for a student to attend this school. VCRA will purchase 10 computers, software, printers and sensory items necessary to address communication and sensory issues. This will greatly broaden the scope of educational programs available at the school.

LARNED SCHOOL DISTRICT    Larned, KS                                                  $12,645.00

This public school serves a huge territory in western Kansas that has no support programs available for children affected with autism. VCRA is providing funding that will purchase all items such as fine motor /gross motor/auditory/ tactile/

visual and outdoor equipment to fully fund a complete sensory program for children with autism.

               2017 “ALL STARS FOR AUTISM” RALLY

               APRIL 26th - 30th , 2017

              JOPLIN, MO


Entries Closed for this Event thanks for all that are participating!  


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VCRA Rally_April2017.pdf

APRIL IS NATIONAL “AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH” …so we encourage you all to put a “BLUE” light bulb in your porch light to let everyone know you support the millions of kids that are affected with autism. Even the “White House” is lighting up blue, so perhaps we are, in some small way, getting the message across. And thank you all for your past and future support in our quest to make a difference in the lives of kids, and their families, that suffer from this tragic affliction. Watch for information soon concerning the VCRA “Race 4 Autism” charity competition in the upcoming Great Race in June.

THE 2017 “ALL STARS FOR AUTISM” RALLY…is coming up soon..But you already knew that!!  April 26th – 3oth in Joplin , MO. Nearly 50 teams are already signed up!!!  Is your entry in yet??? Got your hotel reservations made??  Car ready to go?? Trailer ready??  Spare parts (hope you don’t need that) loaded??  Got your performance chart prepared?? Speedo?? Clock?? Stop watch?? Guess you do…, get ready to have some fun!!

So..What have we got in store for you??

*This year’s rally course will go from the Missouri Ozark’s rolling hills to the flatlands of some of old route 66 in Oklahoma to clip a corner or Arkansas.

*A competitive, challenging course to be sure…designed to prepare you for the upcoming Great Race in June.  

*And , of course, for the rookie teams especially, an in depth rally school that will give you the basic knowledge of “how to rally” as well as, and really most importantly, “what to expect on the Great Race”.

*As a part of rally course, you will visit the B&W Trailer Hitch manufacturing facility in Humbolt, KS..Joe Works and crew are graciously providing a hosted luncheon as well as tours through the plant. Our sincere thanks for their support.

*A trip to Claremore, OK that will provide an opportunity (not mandatory) during the lunch stop to visit the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum. This is a no cost opportunity to see one of the treasures of Oklahoma might consider taking the time.

*In the VCRA tradition, you will experience the every evening VCRA “ reception” ..a fun hour and a half of adult beverages coupled with all the “stories” about the days competition.

*Hosted “Welcome Luncheon” on Thursday right after the rally school

*Hosted “Awards Luncheon” on Sunday announcing all the winners!!

*A guaranteed good time for all!!

*The hotel and the Joplin CVB have partnered up to make this a pleasant time!! We thank them for their support.

THE HOST HOTEL “LAQUINTA INN & SUITES”…is excited to have you coming, and is prepared to make this a pleasant experience for you all!  We are working on trailer parking arrangements, so watch here for info regarding this issue. There will be some additional parking just off site (actually next door) so watch here for that info, and the easy way to get to that spot. All we ask is that you make the most out of the parking space available…you will receive a map of the parking areas as well as the off-site parking very soon.

THE BRANSON COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION…is coming up just one week before the “All Stars” rally. It may be an opportunity for some of you to come a week early and enjoy one of the mid-west’s greatest collector car auctions. Scheduled for April 21th -22nd, our friends, and longtime supporters, Jim & Kathy Cox , present their 39th annual Branson Collector Car Auction in Branson, Missouri. As always, Jim presents “something for everyone” at his auctions.  For information click on VCRA will be there with a booth to tell our story, as well as providing items for the BCCA invitational “Autism Charity Auction” held by Jim & Kathy each year to support our charity. They have, over the past ten years” been a major contributor to our charity, and we sincerely thank them for their support! See you there!