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Branson Car Collector Auction

October 19th - 20th ,2018

Branson, MO


June 23 – July 1, 2018

Buffalo NY to Halifax, NS

2018 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

VCRA RALLY CLOCKS…Just received a small shipment from supplier of “Sawtooth” VCRA legal rally clocks. New price is $149.00 including shipping to anywhere in the USA. Won’t last long..may be last we get for a while!! To order simply e-mail  or call 918-801-2406 to order.


 LOOKING FOR A SPEEDO? We here at VCRA try to locate and purchase all the used speedos we can to pass on to those that are entering the sport..however, it seems with the surge of Rookie teams each year, the demand has exceeded the supply. We will continue to try to find the used ones, and, in the meantime, our good friend Bill Croker has been successful in his program of finding, and making available, used Timewise speedos. If in need, also try Bill for a speedo at .  He is the guy that initiated the “Rookie Mentor” program, so you can believe what he tells you!!

 Looking for a Rally Car???… Go and check out the classified section on our website to find your next Rally Car. Click here for classifieds

VCRA Sponsors

VCRA IS ALWAYS SEARCHING…For Autism Schools, Chapters or Programs in need. If you know of any in your area, please notify us or have them contact us. We Generally donate t 501c3, Non-Profit Organizations but are open to any in need. Thank You!

Donation Request Guidelines    Charitable Donation Agreement

VCRA ANNOUNCES 2017 CHARITY DONATIONS..As you all know by now, each year VCRA donates the proceeds of all VCRA rally events, the donations from each Branson Charity Auction, plus the proceeds from the Great Race / Hemmings Motor News supported “Race4Autism” competition! Those, plus the many VCRA support sponsors and individual donations make this possible. These donations are made to selected Autism schools, programs and/or chapters that the VCRA selection committee determines are “in need” and that the funds will make an immediate, positive impact directly on the kids, and improve the school’s ability to dramatically improve and/or enhance their education programs. This year we are proud and happy to announce the donations total is $133,000!!!!!



Our friends Ed and Steven Tourje from Uniondale, PA, long time VCRA/Greatrace racers,  were kind enough to represent VCRA for the presentation of a donation of $45,000 to The Vista School. The donation will be used to purchase a slightly used van and soundproof classroom dividers. This program enables students with autism to get into the community for job training and employment, as well as create quit spaces within classrooms. Pictured l to r, Ed Tourje, Kristine Yurich, chief clinical officer, Steven Tourje,  Candis Chubb, director of education, and Michael Jarmin, founder.

ASD HOPE, Inc  -  THE WOODLANDS, TX  $29,009

Cary Mollinedo, ASD Hope founder, visited VCRA headquarters in Grove, OK to receive a donation check in the amount of $29,009 that will fully fund a complete classroom with all electronic and sensory equipment to make it possible for a much needed expansion of the program. They will now be able to expand and accept new students. Pictured l to r, Shawn McNeeley, VCRA staff, Rex Gardner, VCRA Founder / Director, Cary Mollinedo, ASD Hope, and Judy Gardner, VCRA staff.


Founded in 2005, the Bridgeway Academy is a full-day private school that follows the traditional academic-year calendar. Currently it serves 180 students from 9 counties and 28 school districts. This donation will fully fund a mobile technology lab to be utilized in the Secondary School and Therapy Center and to compliment Bridgeway Academy’s transition services and Vocational Skills program. In simple terms, it will instruct kids to cope with every day life, and learn skills necessary to perhaps be employable in the future.


Giant Steps was selected because of their new Student Vocational Program. They provide an integrated program of therapeutic, educational and one-on-one support to school-aged children with autism. Giant Steps wants students to gain employment and become self-sufficient once they graduate and leave the classrooms. The VCRA donation will fully fund a variety of items to equip the Vocation Lab/Classroom, Sensory Equipment for the Vocation Lab and for a Chromebook (laptop by Google) and a Smartboard. Pictured from Left to Right Giant Steps Board Member, Michael Godsy; Betty Berger, Giant Steps Director; Rex Gardner, chairman of Vintage Car Rally Association from Sun, Oklahoma; Giant Steps student and artist: Ethan Wickenhauser; Judy Gardner, and Giant Steps Board President, Robert Wallace


PTI has grown to 51 students, and finally moved to a new facility. While that is great news, the need for equipment to fill the needs for the additional enrollment became a very real issue. VCRA is pleased to be able to fill that void, and present PTI with a check for $10,850 that will fully fund the purchase of 8 new computers, 2 new projectors, 10  i-pads and all the necessary software to make it all work again.


The Lionheart School has a program called the WORKS program. In the past year this program has doubled in size. Why? It is a vocational education program that provides individuals, 18 and older, with customized work experiences while teaching basic employment skills. The curriculum is designed to teach independence and communication; matching educational strengths with work-related activities. This donation will outfit one complete classroom with the technology needed to make the program progress. This type program is high on the priority list for VCRA support.


FACT has been a partner with VCRA for several years. Their mission is to provide social and recreational programs specifically for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. They now serve more than 400 individuals, and one key factor is they focus on our veterans families that have children with autism. Our donation will secure another year of social programs for those in need.

BRANSON CHARITY AUCTION HUGE SUCCESS…the Spring Branson Collector Car Auction, April 20, 21, held in beautiful Branson, Missouri, was a huge success, as well as the evening reception “Charity Auction” presented at the spring and fall auctions by Jim & Kathy Cox, auction owners.  Jim & Kathy go to extraordinary measures to assist VCRA’s “Race4Autism” program in reaching their charity goals each year. They have been instrumental in the fact that they have been responsible for nearly half of VCRA’s annual contributions to Autism schools, programs and chapters in need across the nation.


This auction was exceptional in that two most generous donations of automobiles were made to be auctioned at the “Charity Reception”. Pictured above is one of the cars donated. Mark Hoffman, and son Clint, of Grove, Oklahoma donated a marvelous 1923 Ford T-Bucket Street Roadster. Also in the picture is Justyce Gardner, poster boy for the VCRA, and grandson of VCRA founder Rex Gardner. Justyce was diagnosed with autism at the age of 23 months.

Our sincere thanks to all who graciously donated items for the charity auction, and especially the buyers who stepped up to buy the many donated items. In all, nearly $29,000 was raised for the charity. Thanks you all, and thank you Jim & Kathy for your support.

13TH ANNUAL ALL STARS RALLY IS IN THE BOOKS!!!!  …and you can never know what to expect at an old car rally!! With forty four teams from across the country on hand, including four past Greatrace world champion teams, it was sure to be a shoot-out in the end.  Not to be lost in the hype, there were nine rookie (or Greenhorn) teams present to try to learn what this rally game is all about! Great to see new folks coming into the sport. Obviously, the Veteran teams were here to hone their skills for the upcoming Greatrace…and the reports are that some actually found some “weak” spots in their game!  All was good, though, in the end.

Sunny skies greeted the racers as they arrived, and all prepared for four days of fun and games. Stage 0, a practice rally of sorts, was the first test to see if the “Greenhorn” teams had absorbed any of the information presented in the rally school. Obviously, they had listened, and learned, and handled their first go at this rally game with vigor.

And so it went….an inkling of what was going to happen in the Veteran (V/DFC) division was evidenced by the results of both Stage 1 and Stage 2 winners (Knowles & Gentry) with the Reeder / Stone, Feeney/Feeney, Martin/Martin, Graf/ Bell, and Fredette/ Caudle teams all putting the pressure on.  Eventually, the team of Knowles & Gentry prevailed, and fended off the challenges.

The R/DFC (Rookie/ Dash For Cash)  class was won by the team of Lucke / Lucke in a 1972 Audi, while the GH ( Greenhorn) division was captured by  the team of Clark / Stanton in their 1972 Ford F150.

In the RFF (Run For Fun) division the team of Goode/Goode were able to hold off the other four teams to take over that category.

The team of Graf / Bell won the “Most Aces” trophy..imagine that!  Two world class rally guys on the same team..surprise..think not!

There was one great story, out of many, that would make all want to have some fun in this sport…the team of Pusey & Pusey had a 2 second day (two Aces and two ones)….the irony is, this was the navigators first ever rally!  So never say never!!

Our sincere thanks to Jim and Kathy Cox, owners of the Branson Collector Car Auction, who hosted a marvelous luncheon on Friday…as well as a tour through their Restoration Center. Great food, great facility, great folks..if you need a car restored, or fixed or sold, give them a call. OR, if you want to buy a car. Attend the Branson Auction at either the spring or fall auctions.

And welcome to a new sponsor, Adams Polishes…a gift bag of product to each race team,,thanks guys! You have gained customers for life!  

And, of course, our thanks to Jim Menneto, Hemming Motor News, who has been our title sponsor for 13 consecutive years..

Thanks to Tommy Hudson for his many , many years of helping us all..your, and our, best friend!!

In the end, although the weather was not perfect, a good time was had by all. Thank you, the racers, for helping VCRA reach their charity goals by supporting our events. And many, many thanks to all the VCRA staff volunteers who are really the folks that make this happen ...already  looking forward to next year.

See you then!!  

The 2018 VCRA Race for Autism is On The Road! As a Great Race tradition, Great Race Teams are once again competing to raise money to “Fight Autism One Mile At A Time”! All you have to do is ask friends, family and co-workers to give tax deductible (to the extent of the law) donations to the Vintage Car Rally Association (VCRA) in honor of your Great Race team. Since 2006 the VCRA, a federal nonprofit 501(c)3 and the official charity of the Great Race, has donated over $785,000 to Schools, Centers and Institutions across America.

The Teams that raise the most money to fight Autism will win amazing prizes!


to the Team that raises the most money:

You and Your Great Race Car will be

Featured on the Cover of the October 2018 (Great Race issue) Hemmings Motor News

+ Your Name in Hemmings

1st Place:          Custom Painting of You and Your Great Race Car + Your Name in Hemmings

2nd Place:         $1,000 Adam’s Polishes Gift Card + Your Name in Hemmings

3rd Place:          $500 Coker Tire Gift Certificate + Your Name in Hemmings

4th – 10th Place:   Adam’s Polishes Car Care Kit and $25 Gift Card + Your Name in Hemmings

But of course, the real winner is the kids with Autism who benefit from your donations. Just imagine, if every Great Race team raises $1,000 we can make a positive impact on thousands of Autistic Kids. Last year’s VCRA Race for Autism raised over $132,000. Let’s do it again!

We will make this easy for you by setting up your personal “ask” website. And we will be here to help you in any way we can. Contact Pat n’ Pat Brothers at or 503-313-1956 with any questions and help setting up your website.

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