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2015 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

VCRA RALLY CLOCKS:…just received a new shipment from  supplier.  These are the official rally legal “Saw Tooth” rally clocks used by more champions than any other clock. Now $139.00 plus $7.00 shipping. Contact or call 918-801-2406 to order. Supplies are limited, so order now to assure you have the finest clock available for the upcoming rally season!


TIMEWISE RALLY SPEEDOS..we still continue to seek out used Timewise speedos for redistribution to new rally teams that are entering the sport. If you would like to purchase one call 918-801-2406 or e-mail for information and pricing. We will put you on the list and when one comes available we will notify you on a first come, first served basis.  

 Looking for a Rally Car???… Go and check out the classified section on our website to find your next Rally Car. Click here for classifieds


                         SUGAR VALLEY RALLY.. JUNE 5th - 7th

             for details


                     GREATRACE… JUNE 20th  - 28th

             for details

                          VCRA 10TH ANNIVERSARY MID-AMERICA 1000 August 9th - 15th

                   Click Here for Further Details                    

HEMMIMNGS MOTOR NEWS SIGNS ON FOR 2015.. VCRA is pleased to announce that Hemmings has again, for the 9th consecutive year, agreed to a sponsorship role of VCRA events. Without their support there would have never  been a VCRA, so we a truly grateful to Jim Menneto and his entire staff for the support that helps keep the old car rally sport alive and well, as well as a vehicle that allows us to reach our charity goals each year. Thank You!!!

VCRA RULES..are available on this website now. There are some changes that we hope will help eliminate any doubts as to the rules we will be governed by. VCRA has always held the position that the rules be fair, equitable and easily understood. Please note a change in the “Age Factors” and the vehicle modification qualifications for determining same. We will still be open to discuss any concerns you may have to improve the rules. VCRA will strictly enforce these rules for all VCRA sanctioned events.

VCRA Announces a 10th Anniversary Special Rally Event.. THE “MID-AMERICA 1000” vintage car rally is a reality!!!! To celebrate VCRA’s 10th year, we have planned this special rally event. Scheduled for August 9th – 15th, 2015, it will be held in Conway, Arkansas at the Hilton Garden Inn. Yes, it is a full week of rally competition based on a cloverleaf format, meaning you begin and end each day of competition at the hotel. The area provides beautiful Ozark scenery, rolling hills as well as flatland, and an abundance of destinations we will explore for your pleasure. As of this writing there is over $25,000 in prize monies posted!! VCRA has always strived to make an event competitive as well as fun filled!! With daily prize awards as well as overall cumulative winners, this is destined to be a real shootout for the competitors. What to expect??? Great hotel accommodations-on site reserved parking for all vehicles – complimentary breakfast each day- special hotel rates – VCRA reception each evening – welcome luncheon -  in depth rally school – all decals / logistics / instructions – dedicated sweep vehicle – over 1,000 miles of competition – prize money / trophies – awards luncheon – more fun than you could ever imagine!!!  All details will be posted soon on this web site under “Rally Information”.  Make your plans to attend now…if you did not make the entry deadline for the 2015 Great Race, this may be the 2015 alternative for your rally team!!!! Come help us celebrate and reach our charity goals!!!

KNOWLES & GENTRY  TOP THE “All Stars” rally once again!!!

Under beautiful spring skies, especially ordered for this event, 36 rally enthusiasts vied to conquer a “most challenging” course to see who would reign supreme.  It would not be an easy task…”toughest course ever” was heard a lot among the teams. It was also encouraging to see there were 10 Rookie, first timer, teams in attendance.  A great learning experience for those teams, and is sure to show up when they begin their next event.

So the weather was great, but the competition was even hotter…21 veteran teams, made up by the top rally  teams in the country, including past championship teams such as three time champs Barry & Irene Jason as well as Curtis Graf and Reeder & Stone. The rest of the field was really the who’s who in the old car rally sport. Run down the entry list and you will see who will more than likely be the top contenders in the upcoming Great Race. In an unlikely turn of events, Curtis Graf and Leonard Harpenau both had monumental parts failure before they could even begin to show their stuff…however, better now than on the Great Race.  

Let’s take a look at the fun…in the V/DFC class it all started out with Reeder & Stone flexing their muscle on the practice rally with 3 ACEs for a score of 0m03.80s which really got the buzz going.  Eventual winners Knowles & Gentry must have searched for another gear, because they were in the 7th position at this point with a 0m13.68s score. Martin & Martin & Moore & Caudle showed up in 2nd and third spot in this warm up stage.  

Beginning Stage 1 was to be a different story for some.  Knowles & Gentry turned up the wick and showed everyone they were just foolin’ on the practice rally.  They came in first with a 0m12.92s score followed closely by Reeder & Stone with a 0m14.11s score. Our old friend David Haverty got some of that Stage money by coming in third with a 0m15.39s score for the day.  In the G/RFF class Team Marak in that “61 VW came in first with a 2m07.58s score and in R/DFC Team Whisenant bested with a 2m49.0s score.  So now the stage was set…who would prevail?

Stage 2 began again with Chamber of Commerce weather, and all eyes were on the leaders. As suspected, when the day was done, the odds on favorite team of Jason & Jason did in fact step up and showed everyone they had not lost their touch..with a winning score of 0m10.18s.  And sure enough, right behind them were Knowles & Gentry and in third Reeder & Stone.  So, the race was on now!!!  In R/DFC Team Whisenant again bested with a 1m13.00s score and in GH/RFF Team Marak got the nod.

Stage 3, again, mother nature said “have a nice day”, and so it was. A short leg, but not for the faint of heart!!  Perhaps the most challenging course of the event. Who could meet the challenge?  Team Knowles & Gentry again proved that they work well under pressure…posting a 0m07.60s score just ahead of Team Haverty with a 0m08.91s  ( who is really showing his stuff lately) .  And in third place Team Stumb said they were here too with a 0m11.46s score.  In R/DFC the Cowtown Cowboys from Kansas Team of  Breault & Keeny finally bested their competition with a 0m59.20s score. In GH/RFF Team Lamountain & Sacramone surged up with a 0m58.00s score.

Using the VCRA scoring format, the final scores tallied up with Knowles & Gentry winning the V/DFC class with a 0m25.08s total score followed closely by Redder & Stone with a 0m30.40s score. Jason & Jason hung in there with a third place finish of 0m33.30s.

In R/DFC  Team Whisenant showed they were quick learners besting the Team of Breault & Keeney by a scant .20s…really close!  In GH/RFF the team of Marak & Fitzgerald held on with a 2m45.38s score and in O/RFF Goode & Goode held on to take the win.  

Now that this is over, the sights are set on the Great Race for most of the competitors.  It is also time to join us in our quest to raise funds for our Autism charity through the “VCRA RACE FOR AUTSIM” that will be run during the Great Race event. Each of you will have your own “Fighting Autism One Mile At A Time” web site that you will receive via e-mail.  Simply enter the information concerning your team and help us raise the funds needed to reach our charity goals.

Your support is truly appreciated..

To recap the event, here were the “good things” experienced by all teams, such as the now famous “VCRA evening reception”, the great lunch stops provided by Afton 66 Packard Museum and Evergreen Museum, the Pit Stop at the Second Kick Cycle Shop, as well as the delicious meals the hotel had for us.  Couple that with great weather and a great field of competitors, what else could you wish for!  Our thanks to all our sponsors, our volunteer staff, and especially to you. We hope you all had a great time.

“I DID IT” !!!

Justyce Gardner Graduates High School!!!... Our grandson, and VCRA “Poster Boy”, graduated high school last evening in Kansas City, Mo with the 2015  Oak Park High School graduating class of 504 students.  This is certainly a milestone in Justyce’s amazing journey since diagnosed with autism at the age of  29 months. Now 18, and a true teenager, he continues to amaze us with his remarkable achievements. He attends a specialized school called Milestone Academy that provides one on one instruction for children with special needs.  He can type like crazy, uses e-mail, searches the web, uses a cell phone, rides a bike, has an amazing memory of things like the capital of every state, and does all the things that a typical teenager can do. He has flown a single prop plane, courtesy of Make A Wish, on three occasions, flown in a helicopter, attends virtually all Autism events in the Kansas City area, and has been a ball boy for Kansas University and met Coach Self and the team. Based on that, you can guess he is not shy!  At school he is still in a “shadow “ training program that allows him to actually be in training in an actual business environment, such as at a Sonic, where he claims to make a “delicious” hamburger.  

At all VCRA rally events, he directs the saying of the “Pledge Of Allegiance” and generally takes over the microphone for a few minutes to let everyone know he is in charge. Justyce has grown up with our friends of the VCRA…and he continues to make new friends with each event.  One thing you may notice, he will always remember you at the next event…and if he doesn’t know you, he will come up, shake your hand, and ask “What’s Your Name?”

In the days preceding graduation day, Justyce had already received over 130 cards and letters from people all over the country, congratulating him on this special day. Cards came from as far away as Australia, the UK and Hawaii…from fire departments, police departments, hospitals and other special education schools, all hailing his great accomplishment!  And the cards are still coming!!

The really special congrats, though, came from the friends of VCRA who had grown up with Justyce over the years. And some, as you might suspect, contained generous gifts of cash, which Justyce says is going into his fund for further education.

It goes without saying, we are proud of him, and we are also so blessed that we have the friendship and support of the many of you who have become our close friends over the years. Our sincere thanks to you all.