THE COKER CHALLENGE IS A DONE DEAL..and the results are available on ..and now what??? A glance to the left will advise you that the final rally of the season is about to begin. The Pumpkin Run, slated for October 18-19 is upcoming..all details at

THE 10th ANNUAL “ALL STARS FOR AUTISM”..rally date and venue is set. The ASA rally will be held in Joplin, Missouri at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center on April 29 – May3, 2015. As the preliminary rally of the year, this has fast become the “Must Do” event in the eyes of rally teams from across the country! Virtually all the veteran top contender rally teams consider this the perfect “Tune-Up” for the upcoming Greatrace!  And there is no better place for the Rookie teams to come to learn the basics. As a rookie team, imagine the “Learning Curve” short cut when you have the opportunity to rally with, and learn from, the top championship rally teams in America! Plus the in depth rally school and reviews we offer before, and during, the event!  Entry forms, schedule and special events information will be posted soon for this event. Mark this date on your calendar now…it’ll be more fun than you could imagine!!

October 2014

“Fighting Autism One Mile At A Time”

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THE BRANSON the “TO DO” auto enthusiast’s event for the month of October. Scheduled for October 17th & 18th at the Hilton Convention Center in beautiful Branson, Missouri, this is Mid- America’s premiere fall automobile auction event! Jim & Kathy Cox, owners, pride themselves in the fact that they plan an auction for everyone as a superb collection of exotic, antique, muscle and classic cars are presented for your pleasure. All the details are at We here at VCRA are very grateful to Jim & Kathy as they have been a tremendous supporter of our “Fighting Autism One Mile At A Time” charity efforts for several years as a major contributor, which has been fully supported by the auction attendees. We want to thank you all for making our charity goals a reality!


2015 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

VCRA RALLY CLOCKS..are back in stock (in limited supply)  These are the official legal “SawTooth” clock used by more champions than any other clock. The supplier surprised us by getting a few to us recently, but they will go fast!  Order now if you need one!! 0r 918-801-2406 Still only $139.00 prepaid to you.

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VCRA RULES CHANGES…for the 2015 rally season are posted on this website under the “Rally Information” button, then click on “Rules / How To”. Note that the changes are printed in italics so you can easily review them. Why any changes??? The old car rally sport has certainly evolved during the past few years. The sport has always relied on the fact that it be “Fair and Equitable” to all entrants, whether they be veteran or rookie…and, that all cars accepted for competition would be “Factored” for the age of the vehicle, and that certain “modifications” are allowable for safety and reliability, while others may not be allowable under the rules set forth, based on the “Spirit of the Event” clause.  With that in mind, and through consultation with several of our veteran rally friends, we have tried to address the “vehicle modifications” and “age factor” issues that have caused some controversy in past events. We encourage you to review and become familiar with the complete “Event Regulations” section as we will be strictly enforcing the rules at all future VCRA events. We also encourage and welcome your input to these changes.

                       ALL STARS FOR AUTISM.. APRIL 29TH THRU MAY 3RD                        for details

                        SUGAR VALLEY RALLY.. JUNE 5TH THRU 7TH

            for details


                    GREATRACE… JUNE 2OTH THRU 28TH

             for details

                         VCRA 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EVENT..

                     A week long rally special celebration of VCRA..details to follow

TIMEWISE SPEEDOMETERS.. we currently have a couple of early model

(brushed aluminum housing) speedometers in good working order for sale.

These are complete with instructions and magnetic pickup cable. No

magnets are included because of the various mounting methods used.

Magnets can be purchased at any Radio Shack for a couple of bucks. Call

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